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I love reading and now that I’m sharing my bookish thoughts with you and sharing at least one new book review each week, a complete list of book reviews might be in order!

Here you’ll find all my accessible book reviews, sorted by author name! It’s an ever growing list, so make sure to come back once in a while to catch up 🙂

Please be aware that these book reviews are a mix of Danish and English reviews, as I read in both languages and some books are only available in either Danish or English 🙂

All the titles will be marked if they are review copies and numbered if they’re part of a series. Danish reviews will be marked with a (DK) and if a book is featured in my Reading The World challenge, it will be marked with a (RW). I’m also working on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and you can follow my progress here. If you want to look for my A play a week reads, these can be recognized by (52 Plays).

If you’re exclusively looking for my reviews on performing arts books, don’t worry. I’ve created this list just for you.

Book reviews from MadebyPernille


Adamov, Arthur; “Professor Taranne” (Play, 52 Plays)

Alcott, Louisa May; “Little Women”

Allen, Ralph; “The Best Burlesque Sketches” (Performing Arts/Burlesque)

Angelou, Maya; “And still I rise” (Poetry)

Appelt, Kathi & McGhee, Alison; “Maybe a Fox”

Atkinson, Kate; “Life after life”


Bell, Jennifer; “The Uncommoners – The Crooked Sixpence” (1)

Bell, Jennifer; “The Uncommoners – The Smoking Hourglass” (2)

Bell, Jennifer; “The Uncommoners – The Frozen Telescope” (3)

Bell, Jennifer; “Wonderscape”

Bennett, Marguerite; “Josie and the Pussycats – volume one” (graphic novel)

Bonde, Christina; “Sjælevært” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Bredsdorff, Bodil; “The Children of Crow Cove”  (RW)

Brook, Peter; “The Open door” (Performing Arts)


Caldecott, Andrew; “Rotherweird” 

Caldecott, Andrew; “Wyntertide” (Coming soo

Cathcart, Thomas & Klein, Daniel; “Plato and a platypus walk into a bar…” (Philosophy)

Chambers, Becky; “To be taught if fortunate”

Cogman, Genevieve; “The Invisible Library” (1)

Cogman, Genevieve; “The Masked City” (2)

Cogman, Genevieve; “The Burning Page” (3)

Cogman, Genevieve; “The Lost Plot” (4)

Cogman, Genevieve; “The Mortal Word” (5, Review Copy)


Dalcher, Christina; “Vox”

Dick, Philip K.; “Do androids dream of electrical sheep”

Didier-Laurent, Jean Paul; The reader on the 6.27” (RW)

Duggan, Helena; “A Place Called Perfect”


Eddo-Lodge, Reni; “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race”

Egmont Serieforlag; “Stålanden – Reloaded” (Div. forfattere/tegnere) (DK)

El-Mohtar, Amal & Gladstone, Max; “This is how you lose the time war”

Ensler, Eve; “The Vagina Monologues” (Play, 52 Plays)

Evytt, Carina & Eybye, Pernille; “Dragernes Konge – Banneret samles” (3) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Evytt, Carina; “Dragernes Konge – Gøglerkongens sværd” (2) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Eybye, Pernile; “Dragernes Konge – Heksejægerens bytte” (1) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)


Ferriss, Tim; “The 4 hour work week”

Frontløberne; “Den Lille Projekthåndbog – til unge kulturskabere” (DK)


Gaiman, Neil; “Fortunately the milk..”

Guldager, Mikkel; “Nostalgi” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Guldager, Mikkel; “Yatzy” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)


Hiraide, Takashi; “The Guest Cat” 

Hosseini, Khaled; “The Kite Runner” (RW)

Hunter, Megan; “The end we start from”

Hwang, Sun-mi; “The dog who dared to dream” (RW)


Ingalls Wilder, Laura; “The little house in the big woods” (RW)

Ionesco, Eugene; “The Chairs” (Play, 52 Plays)

Ionesco, Eugene; “The Lesson” (Play, 52 Plays)

Ishiguro, Kazuo; “Never let me go”

Iversen, Katja; “Kvinde kend dit netværk” (DK)



Kinsella, Sophie; “Remember me?”

Knight, Sarah; “The lifechanging magic of not giving a f**k”

Kowallis, J.; “Duality” (Review Copy)

Krebs, Kitter; “Dramaturgi” (Anmeldereksemplar, DK)

Krebs, Kitter; “Komedier og Dødssynder” (Shakespeare, Anmeldereksemplar, DK)

Krebs, Kitter; “Lille Håndbog for Dramatiklærere” (Anmeldereksemplar, DK)

Krog, Lene; “Grå magi – Pigen fra Månehøjen” (1) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Krog, Lene; “Heksens storm – Pigen fra Månehøjen” (2) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Kundera, Milan; “The Joke” (RW)


Lagerlöf, Selma; “The wonderful adventures of Nils” (RW)

Lewkovitch, Katarina; “Aorta” (Digte, DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Lindbo, Lykke; “Fanny Fairchild og det magiske spejl” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Lyngø, Louise; “Stykker af Pil” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)


McCoy, Sarah; “Marilla of Green Gables”

Meyer, Erin; “The Culture Map”

Miller, Madeline; “Circe”

Moody, Sissel; “Forbandelsen over Laitana – Den Magiske Sten” (1) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Moody, Sissel; “Forbandelsen over Laitana – Undergrundens Mysterier”(2) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Murakami, Haruki; “Hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world” (RW)

Murakami, Haruki; “Kafka on the shore”

Murakami, Haruki; “Men without Women”


Neergård, Pernille; “Verdensherrerne – Opvågningen” (1) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Neergård, Pernille; “Verdensherrerne – Afsløringen” (2) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

North, Claire; “The end of the day”


Okri, Ben; “The age of magic” (RW)

Olsen, Sven-Erik; “Dukketeatret i Danmark” (DK, Performing Arts)


Pennypacker, Sara; “Pax”

Pramoj, Kukrit; “Many Lives” (RW)



Rennison, Nick; “Sherlock’s Sisters” (coming soon)


Saint-Exupery, Antoine de; “The Little Prince”

Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel; “Små mennesker, store drømme – Anne Frank” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel; “Små mennesker, store drømme – David Bowie” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Sapkowskij, Andrzej; “The Last wish” (RW)

Sapphira; “Burlesque or Bust” (Mental health/autobiography, Review copy)

Schnoor, Karolin & Swensen, Cole; “There are Girls like Lions: Poems about Being a Woman” (Poetry)

Semple, Maria; “Where’d you go Bernadette?”

Shakespeare, William; “The Comedy of Errors” (Performing Arts/Script)

Shakespeare, William; “Henry IV” (Play, 52 Plays, coming soon)

Smaill, Anna; “The Chimes”

Stenby, Pernille L; “Inkarnation” (1) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Stenby, Pernille L; “Under huden” (2 – part 1 and 2) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Stenbæk Bro, Tobias; “Væddermændenes nat” (1) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Stenbæk Bro, Tobias; “Blodets Sti” (2) (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

Stender, Lars A.R.; “The Rise of the Winged Lion” (1) (Review Copy)

Stiefvater, Maggie; “The Raven Boys” (1)

Stiefvater, Maggie; “The Dream Thieves” (2)

Stiefvater, Maggie; “Blue Lily, Lily Blue” (3)

Stiefvater, Maggie; “The Raven King” (4)

Storm Wesche, Anne-Sophie; “Kirsten Walther – 2 roller ét liv” (DK)


Tardieu, Jean; “Conversation-Sinfonietta” (Play, 52 Plays)

Tardieu, Jean; “The Keyhole” (Play, 52 Plays)

Thorne, Jack & Tiffany, John (+ J.K.Rowling); “Harry Potter & the cursed child” (Script)

Torday, Piers; “The Lost Magician”

Trigger Olesen, Erik; “Guldklumpen – Havnehistorier” (DK)

Trigger Olesen, Erik; “Mørkets Journaler” (Digte, DK)




Waid, Mark; “Archie – volume 1” (graphic novel)

Warren, Jason; “Creating Worlds – how to make immersive theatre” (Performing Arts)

Welford, Ross; “The 1,000 year old boy”

Wittkop, Gabrielle; “The Necrophiliac”

Wold, Susse; “Bevægelse” (Biografi, DK)

Woolf, Virginia; “Mrs Dalloway”

W. Lindberg, Jesper; “Jack the Ripper – myter og mysterier” (DK, Anmeldereksemplar)

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