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Bookreview: “The Lifechanging Magic of not giving a F**k”

I read “The lifechanging magic of not giving a f**k” by Sarah Knight and here is my review. I picked this book up during a vacation in London, UK. It proved to be the perfect read at the time, since we were stuck at Stansted Airport in the plane and in baggage claim for almost 12 hours.

The lifechanging magic of not giving a f**k


I can’t even tell you how much it just resonated with me. First of all it was so liberating to just read the f-word in a self-help-ish lifestyle book. Thank you, for not being too clean and serious.

Second of all, I actually read these kinds of life-style books from time to time and they can be glorifications of a commit or lose lifestyle. I’m talking about the books where you have to throw out all your things and only have 2 pairs of jeans in your closet. Or the ones where you need to time-block and use a 100 different apps to keep track of your life. No thanks.

So, why is “The lifechanging magic of not giving a f**k” such a great book?

Well, it’s because it teaches you, to distribute all the f**ks you actually do give, in a way that doesn’t drain your energy. Every single person, activity and material thing in your life can be categorized. This book helps you navigate how to say no to things you honestly couldn’t care less about.

Some of my favorite features was the anecdotes and the worksheets, even though I don’t normally ‘do’ the worksheets. It helped me realize that I have/had so many things in my life that I just didn’t want to spend time on, but did out of habit or a feeling of obligation.

I’m not usually so manic about lifestyle books but this one was perfect, especially given the timing in my life. I was already trying to sort out my priorities, as I had realized I wasn’t spending enough time with my family. On the other hand, I was stressing about updating some of my social media accounts (like my Instagram). Which to be fair, just isn’t as important to me. “The lifechanging magic of not giving a f**k” showed me that it’s totally acceptable to do what I want and not do what I don’t want, without being mean about it. And most importantly, let go of some of the stress that’s tied to things I feel I need to do, when in reality, I don’t need to do them.

I could go on about this book, but I’ll let you read it for yourself. I’m definitely incorporating some of the main points about decision making, into both my personal life and my career.

Have you read “The lifechanging magic of not giving a f**k”? Let me know what you think, in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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