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Welcome to the writing collection!

Here you’ll find a collection of writing prompts and writing exercises published on the blog! I’ve devided them into categories, so it’ll be easy to find what you’re looking for.

More will be added continually, as I update the blog with new content all the time!

If you want more personalized advice on your writing, feel free to reach out to me!

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5 things to remember as a new writer

Ditch the formalities – and write!

Character development

What does your character want?

5 resources on how to create a character


Feedback & Test readers – Who’s who? (Part 1)

Feedback & Test readers – who’s who? (Part 2)

How to find test readers

How to thank your test readers

Idea generating

Association game

Your best argument as a writer


The 7 original stories (part 1)

The 7 original stories (part 2)


Research your novel – what matters?

Writing prompts

Birthday writing prompts 2018

December writing prompt challenge 2018

Halloween writing prompts 2018

January writing prompt challenge 2020

July writing prompt challenge 2018

Writing prompts – how to use them

Writing prompts – where to find them

E-book with 365+ creative writing prompts (Find it in my shop)


Artist Residency – what is it?

Writing Challenges – what to do?


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