365+ creative writing prompts E-book


This e-book contains 365+ creative writing prompts, for writers of all kinds. The prompts can be used as warm ups, general exercises and kickstarting your writing session. They can also inspire new scenes and worldbuilding for your current novel idea.

Once you’ve purchased the e-book, you’ll get access to download it as a pdf and it’s yours to keep.

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This -ebook with 365+ creative writing prompts will inspire you to sit down and write, every day! 

If you’re looking for new ideas, or want to get out of a writers block, writing prompts come highly recommended. The way you can make up entire worlds, scenes and characters. Just based on a single word or sentence. That’s what creative exercises like writing prompts can help you with.

Do you want to build a new habit of writing more often? Every day maybe! Here is a good place to start. These prompts are carefully created, specifically with writers in mind. Because I’m working a lot with my sister, who is a published author, I know the value of a good source of inspiration.

There are many writing prompts out there, but having an e-book with hundreds of them, might be a better choice to help you focus! When you’re browsing the internet, picking and choosing, you risk ending up in a rabbit hole. Without actually getting any writing done!

This e-book is here to help you gain that focus and have fun writing at the same time.

Ready to start writing?

Let’s see what you can do, with these 365+ creative writing prompts! Feel free to be creative with it, and take some chances too! I believe in you!

Read more here about writing prompts and how to use them, if this is your first time using writing prompts as a creative tool.


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