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Reading Challenges

Reading Challenge Collection

It’s no secret that I love a challenge. I have started so many reading challenges now though, that it seems I need a better overview of them. So, in order to keep track of all the fun and amazing challenges I’m doing and have done, I’ve now created this very page!

In all honesty, I have yet to actually finish a reading challenge. But being a mood reader, reading mostly what I feel like – and not really going by the challenge prompts – it takes me a good while!

I’ve collected all my challenges and readathons on this page, and you can click on through and read more about each of them. On each page, you can see my progress as well as which books I’ve already read and for which prompts, if there are any. When I have finished reading a book in a challenge, I’ll upload a review of the book too!

Some books might be included in several challenges, but I’ll just read them once (unless they are incredible obviously!).

MadebyPernille’s reading challenges

Here is my (ever growing) list of reading challenges. Feel free to jump onboard on one or more of them, if you need a bookish challenge!

Current Reading Challenges

Completed Reading Challenges

Haha, good one. I haven’t finished any of them yet. This doesn’t count the readathons though.

Readathons for 2020