Muchelleb inspired reading list personal development books

Muchelleb inspired personal development reading list

Muchelleb reading list with personal development books

What is the “Muchelleb reading list”?

Hi there! If you’ve spent time on my blog before, it’s no surprise that I like reading lists (lists in general) and challenges! I also happen to like productivity & personal growth youtuber Muchelleb. She is one of my absolute go-to youtubers, when I need motivation and new ideas on how to improve my routines.

Who is Muchelleb?

The more I watch, the more books Michelle mentions and here we are. At the inevitable me creating (yet another) reading list/challenge for myself! I like personal development books but they are not very well represented in the online book-communities I’m a part of. (They are mostly fantasy, sci-fi and YA).

This list is by no means exhaustive, but I’ll be making it based on what I see Muchelleb recommending on her channel as well as her favorite books. I hope this list will be of inspiration to you too, and I’ll make sure to update the list with reviews when I’ve read a book from the list, so feel free to come back once in a while to see my progress.

If you’re curious about other books that I’ve read, feel free to check out my collection of reviews right here>>

You’re also more than welcome to reach out to me for a buddy-read of a certain book!

If you have recommendations for personal growth/development books that I should read, please leave a comment below – Also, if you have a favorite productivity youtuber, let me know about them!

Muchelleb inspired reading list personal development books

The Muchelleb reading list

Allen, David; “Getting things done”

Botton, Alain de; “Religion for atheists”

Brown, Brene; “The gifts of imperfection”

Brown, Brene; “I thought it was just me”

Clear, James; “Atomic Habits”

Ferriss, Tim; “The 4 hour work week”

Guise, Stephen; “Elastic Habits: How to Create Smarter habits that adapt to your day”

Hari, Johann; “Lost connections”

Hendriksen, Ellen; “How to be yourself”

Keller, Gary; “The One Thing”

Koch, Richard; “The 80/20 rule”

Kondo, Marie; “The life-changing magic of tidying up”

Moran, Brian P. & Lennington, Michael; “The 12 week year”

Nagosaki, Emily; “Come as you are”

Newport, Kal; “Deep work”

Robins, Anthony; “Awaken the Giant within”

Sincero, Jen; “You are a badass at making money”

Soojung-Kim Pang, Alex; “Rest – why you get more done when you work less”

Tell me what you think! :D