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Where to find writing prompts

Writing prompts can be a great exercise for writers, but where do you even find writing prompts?

If you’re not sure how to use writing prompts, try reading this blogpost, where I explain how to use writing prompts.

Writing prompts are easy to find, even if you prefer a certain type of prompts. Maybe you could challenge yourself by also taking part in writing challenges or making your own rules?

First, here are some ideas on where to find writing prompts.

 1. MadebyPernille writing prompt challenges

Okay, of course I included my own writing prompt challenges! I’ve made a few different themed challenges, some suitable for a month or however you want to use it. They’ve been highly popular on Pinterest too and are among my top posts. If you want to find a Summer-, Halloween- or Christmas themed writing prompt challenge, you should explore my resource library for writers right here.

I actually also have this super cute e-book with 365+ creative writing prompts, if you’re looking for more!

2. Pinterest & other online media

On Pinterest you can find inspiration for nearly everything. That includes ideas on what to write about. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Pinterest and use it a lot myself. I’ve created a Pinterest board with writing prompts, including images, that you can use to kickstart inspiration.

See my full Pinterest profile here or read more about different types of writing prompts here.

There are a lot of other places online, like Pinterest, where you can find writing prompts. Like tumblr, other writing blogs and instagram to name a few. Just search for ’writing prompts’ on your favorite media and you’re ready to go!

3. Storycubes

Storycubes aren’t exactly writing prompts, but then again, they sort of are. Basically, they are cubes/die with little images or text on them. Your task is to roll the die/cubes and create a story based on the images you get. They come in a great variety of themes and qualities. It’s a good way for the more experienced writers to find stories or little scenes. It’s amazing how much inspiration can come from a set of cubes!

You can find Storycubes online or in game stores. I’ve found a few here [affiliate link] and some of them look very nice.

How do you use storycubes when you write? Or have you never heard of them before?

Where do you find writing prompts?

4. Books, newspapers and magazines

If you don’t have any of the before mentioned stuff close by, you can always look in a random magazine or paper. Here’s a chance to be inspired by headlines or funny sentences. You could also choose a random book and take the first and last sentence and create a whole new story based on those two sentences. There are plenty of roads to travel here so try a few different approaches. You could even experiment with picking a genre (like horror or fairytales) and pair it with a headline (like ’10 must-haves for spring’) and just see where it takes you!

Of course, there are writing prompt books that you can buy too. Some of them are made to write in and others are just inspirational. Typically, they’ll have some sentences to start with or a character or scene description. There are so many different writing prompt books out there and some are genre specific. That gives you a lot to choose from, and the bonus is that you can take some time off from the computer, with a real book in hand.

5. Look around you!

Inspiration is everywhere and so are writing prompts. If only you know where to look. So look around you and find little bits and pieces of text in fortune cookies, candywrappers, signs, folders, menus etc. You can surprise yourself by choosing something slightly outside your comfortzone. Which is where you’ll grow and learn about yourself as a writer too.

Have fun with it and try out different approaches – that’s how you find your writing process. Just remember that writing prompts aren’t always supposed to result in a great story or finished novel. It’s just an exercise and you can use it as a way to get started, on days where it seems hard to even begin writing.

Do you want more writing exercises or throw yourself at writing prompts already? Feel free to have a look at my collection of resources for writers right here >>

Do you have any experience with using writing prompts? Maybe even some of my prompts? I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comment section below!

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