• Boganmeldelse af Mørkets Journaler af Erik Trigger Olesen
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    Book review: Mørkets Journaler af Erik Trigger

    Boganmeldelse af Mørkets Journaler *This book review will be in Danish since the book is only published in Danish* Mørkets Journaler er en digtsamling af Erik Trigger Olesen, udgivet i 2017 hos forlaget Brøndum. Jeg plejer ikke at læse digte og det er heller ikke noget du vil finde meget af her på bloggen. (Hvem ved, det kan være det ændrer sig?). Men da jeg fik Mørkets Journaler i hånden og havde set en anden, meget positiv, anmeldelse på Facebook, måtte jeg jo hellere se hvad det var for noget. *Disclaimer: Jeg vil lige for en god ordens skyld tilføje at forfatteren og jeg er i familie, men det har…

  • Book review Burlesque or bust by Sapphira
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    Book review: Burlesque or Bust

    Burlesque or Bust by Sapphira I received a review copy of Burlesque or Bust in exchange for an honest review. As I stumbled upon Sapphira’s post in a group about her new book, Burlesque or Bust, about her personal journey with tackling mental health through burlesque, I was immediately intrigued. Having been in the burlesque scene for a couple of years so far, (the first year didn’t really count), I am aware that a lot of artists in the glittery environment, have their struggles. Both physically, financially and mentally. There is no shame in that, as I see it. So I welcomed her book and offered to read and review…

  • Book review of The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare
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    Book review: The Comedy of Errors

    The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare The Comedy of Errors is a Shakespearean classic and here are my thoughts of it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a book review as it is a play of a certain age. But as a part of the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, and me being a thespian, I just had to read it! Summary In short, The Comedy of Errors is a typical twin-comedy-drama and very Shakespeare. Two sets of twins are separated by a heinous storm. Two of them end up in one place, the other two somewhere else and herein lies the premise of our plot. The pairs of twins then…