• Book review Burlesque or bust by Sapphira
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    Book review: Burlesque or Bust

    Burlesque or Bust by Sapphira I received a review copy of Burlesque or Bust in exchange for an honest review. As I stumbled upon Sapphira’s post in a group about her new book, Burlesque or Bust, about her personal journey with tackling mental health through burlesque, I was immediately intrigued. Having been in the burlesque scene for a couple of years so far, (the first year didn’t really count), I am aware that a lot of artists in the glittery environment, have their struggles. Both physically, financially and mentally. There is no shame in that, as I see it. So I welcomed her book and offered to read and review…

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    Book review: Bevægelse af Susse Wold

    Anmeldelse af Bevægelse af Susse Wold This review will be in Danish, since the book is only published in Danish. Dette er min anmeldelse af Susse Wolds seneste bog ’Bevægelse’. Jeg købte bogen i forbindelse med en signering i en boghandel i Aarhus. (Billedet er lånt fra Susse Wolds private Facebook profil). Jeg har for nogle år siden læst hendes første samling af erindringer, ’Fremkaldt’. Min mor havde lånt den på biblioteket til en ferie og jeg var løbet tør for læsestof allerede da vi ramte den første tyske rasteplads. Da jeg opdagede at Susse Wold havde endnu en bog på vej og hun tilmed ville signere den i Aarhus, hvor jeg…

  • Book review plato and a platypus by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein
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    Book review: Plato and a platypus walk into a bar

    Here is my review of “Plato and a platypus walk into a bar…” by Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein. As the surtitle on the book-cover states, it’s a book about “understanding philosophy through jokes”. Summary Cathcart and Klein takes us through all sorts of different branches of philosophy. They do it through jokes and fun facts, just like promised. That’s really all there is to summarize! Verdict I picked this one up at an airport (I don’t recall which one) because it said “Plato and a platypus […]”. I thought it looked fun at the time and it can never hurt brushing up on the old philosophers, right? As I’ve…