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    Book review: And Still I Rise

    Book review of And Still I Rise Here is my book review of “And Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou which is a collection of poems. “And Still I Rise” is Angelou’s third volume of poetry and she’s also the author behind “I know why the caged bird sings”. Summary And Still I Rise is a collection of poems, divided in three parts. Some of Angelou’s most famous and wellknown poems like Phenomenal Women and Still I Rise are included herein. The poems reflect Angelou’s life and touches subjects such as love, womanhood, racism, blackness and in general just being human. For a full reference on the poems included, have…

  • Writer research your novel what matters?
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    Research your novel – what matters?

    Research your novel – what matters? Research your novel – but what do you ultimately need to know? If you’re an author or you like to write, this is probably an issue you’ve encountered. Questions like “What would a mercenary be paid for a silver tray in 1884?” pop up during your writing and you turn to research. But then the thought hits you. Is it even really relevant for your story? If that sounds familiar, maybe this blogpost can be of some help! As a reader, I often encounter books rich in detail because authors have researched their themes, worlds etc. Sometimes though, the story can end up drowning…

  • 5 important things to remember as a new writer
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    5 things to remember as a new writer

    5 things to remember as a new writer As a new writer with very few or no published works to your name yet, writing can seem a daunting task. If you’re relatively new in writing or you are considering it, here’s a few advice for you. None of this is rocket science, but sometimes you need a reminder on what matters. Hopefully you’ll keep being motivated to write and even get better at it as you go along! I hope this list of 5 things to remember as a new writer, will help calm your nerves a bit. Especially when you’re sitting by the computer, wondering why no one has…

  • Bog anmeldelse Fanny Fairychild og det magiske spejl
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    Book review: Fanny Fairychild og det magiske spejl

    Anmeldelse af Fanny Fairychild og det magiske spejl This review will be in Danish since the book is currently only published in Danish. *Jeg modtog et anmeldereksemplar fra forfatteren og Forlaget Lindbo mod en ærlig anmeldelse af bogen* Fanny Fairychild og det magiske spejl er den første bog i en planlagt serie om pigen Fanny, skrevet af forfatteren Lykke Lindbo. Handling ”Da Fanny er fire år gammel, forsvinder hendes mor. Seks år senere finder Fanny sin mors gamle dagbog og et magisk spejl i en kiste på loftet. Herfra starter et langt eventyr. Med hjælp fra dagbogen og en flok legesyge guldsmede, finder Fanny vej til den gamle kone Alfhild…