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Bookreview: Fortunately the milk..

Written by Neil Gaiman, the author behind Coraline and many other works, and illustrated by Chris Riddell, this book is an illustrated, wacky story told by the father of two, explaining his way home from the store. It brings everyday-life to new levels, and puts the dad-stories in the center of attention.

Genre: Illustrated Sci-fi


themilk.jpgMum is away and dad is in charge of the kids – there are post-it notes everywhere, and the meals are all taken care of. It should be a no-brainer, but dad forgot to buy milk for the cereals, so he is off to buy some, but gets held up on his way home by aliens, pirates and a professor – will he ever return with the milk, and will the kids be okay?


This was very, very fun to read – first of all, I really enjoyed all the illustrations as they are detailed and fits extremely well with the story, especially the way you’d imagine the kids reactions as well as the dads – they are depicted wonderfully. Moreover, the story seemed a bit basic at first but that made it all the better, it made me think that it could’ve easily been my own dad, telling this story, except he is actually good at cooking by himself.

Anyway, the story continued to surprise me on several levels, and what I really enjoyed in particular was the fact that all the gender stereotypes we have are both represented in their stereotypical form, as well as turned upside down, when the dad meets new creatures and people on his way home with the milk.

It also depicts a time traveling situation, well, several in fact, and it is explained so simple and elegantly that it becomes just as easy to follow as the rest of the story, whilst at the same time making it just confusing enough that you know it wouldn’t quite make sense. But, depending on which time travel theory you are into, I think this will be entertaining none the less.

It is a really fun, light read and I would definitely recommend it for younger readers as well, as it is not just an easy read but it is fun, action packed and relatively kid-friendly, even for reading aloud to smaller children.


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