Bookreview: Duality

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review*

Duality is the third book in The Enertia Trials by J Kowallis. The series is centered around a few people, each with their own background and connection to the post-war world, in a not so far off future, that surrounds them.


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Genre: Dystopia


In a post-war society on the verge of rebuilding into something new, we follow the rebels of this world from where we left them in “Encender”, the previous book in The Enertia Trials. Here, some of the main characters are divided and tries to take on one of their most ambitious and dangerous tasks yet. One is taken captive by The Public, an institution that prides itself in perfecting the human species by altering DNA, brainwaves and other such cool and technical stuff that messes with free will. The Public either takes prospects by force or lure them into believing that they’re being offered a better life. resources outside The Public institutions scattered around the world, is scarce, so naturally – it’s everyones game.



First of all, I really like it when authors take the world and imagine it into something else. Like Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The 100 and all those post-apocalyptic, new-world creations, this series is re-telling the story of mankind and our future. So naturally, I’m sceptic when I’m introduced to a ‘new’ take on the world and it’s systems and mechanisms. I have formal training in dramaturgy and so one should think that I hold some qualifications within consistency of world-building through art and words. It’s one of the things my dear mother and sister dislike, when watching movies with me, because I constantly question the plot if it isn’t strong enough.

The very first thought I had about this series, was that it would do incredibly well as a film-series, and with Duality it rings even more true. I enjoyed the build up, from book to book, but also within the separate books. The plotlines are great and well executed, there are enough of them to make an interesting story unfold, without having too much to worry about. The characters are sound and well-grounded, they are not one-dimensional and better yet, I can identify with most of them, and the sympathy shifts from character to character, throughout the books, including within this one.

Roy.pngIn Duality, you see some of the relationships really unfold, some things that were merely hinted in books one and two, is now in full-blown scale and the tension keeps building. The plot is very elegantly put together, interchanging action packed scenes, with emotionally challenging outlets and sassy, funny moments throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Duality, and I had wanted to return to this world, since reading Encender, to see what on earth would happen next. This one is by far the darkest one yet, and it actually had me a bit paranoid on behalf of the characters. I will say, on a more dramaturgical note, that some events throughout this book especially, is being foreshadowed so many times, that it kind of takes away some of the suspense and tension. I would have liked if some thoughts weren’t presented to the reader, so we could keep speculating on events even longer – but this seems to be the only ‘negative’ thing about this work.

I’m not going to spoil the fun, but will say this – if you like any of the stories mentioned in the first two paragraphs – read this. You will not be disappointed. The language is easily flowing, characters are believable and the plot keeps twisting you around, just like any good book of this kind should.


I’ll definitely be looking forward to the fourth book in the Enertia Trials, and I feel lucky for having the privilege to read these books, and especially Duality, before it’s even out – I don’t think I could’ve handled the waiting time that well!

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