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Book 6/196: Afghanistan

The 6th book in my Reading the World challenge, is The Kite Runner – which I’ll admit, I read several years ago, but chose to highlight, as I have never forgotten it.


Genre: Fiction


Two boys, Amir and Hassan, grow up together, flying kites. One a servants son, the other son of the master. Amir, the well-off boy, is lacking appreciation from his father, and one day, wins the kite flying contest. He eyes an opportunity to make his father proud, but in the end, it might cost him the relationship to Hassan, because of the local bully Assef.

The plot follows Amir through to his adult life, when he faces some difficult choices and revelations about his past. He tries to reconcile with his past, by making the present a little less horrible.

Bookreview The Kite Runner


As I’ve noted, quite a lot of time has passed, since I read this book. Never the less, I shall provide my verdict, as it has stuck with me all this time. Though this is not as much a proper review, as it is me processing my thoughts after reading it. I remember being unable to put it down, even though it grew so uncomfortable in the plotline, that it was hard for me to keep reading, out of sheer awkwardness. That makes for a good piece of work. It really made me feel, and empathize with the main character.

I don’t think it’s any secret, that this book will rip your soul to pieces, if you have a heart. To this day, I can barely think of especially the ending of the book (no spoilers I promise) where you are hoping for a certain kind of ending but suddenly everything just messes you up again. Terribly good work.

I would say, that if you are sort of soft or easily take on feelings from books, if you’re like me, crying when ‘the dog dies’. Then proceed with caution. It will make you cry, question humanity and question yourself.

But oh, it will be worth it, as it is a remarkable piece of literature.
With this, I can cross Afghanistan off my list, and continue my quest of reading the world.


I gave it this rating because I couldn’t bear to read it again. To many feelings.

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