Book reviews of performing arts books

Performing Arts Books

Hi and welcome to the bookshelf for performing arts books!

I love reading and that includes nonfictional works too. Since I read and review performing arts books once in a while, I thought a separate list of those might be in order! If you want to browse through my complete collection of book reviews, you’ll find it here>>

My interests within the performing arts field are very varied. As I am a burlesque producer, I naturally read some works on both producing, burlesque and stage management. Because I hold an MA in dramaturgy, I also often read plays and books on dramaturgy or the more academic level stuff. You’ll also find books on improvisation, theatre games, acting and opera on my shelves, as I am really not too picky when it comes to the genre.

Have fun looking through my book reviews on performing arts, sorted by author name! It’s an ever growing list, so make sure to come back once in a while to catch up 🙂

Please be aware that these book reviews are a mix of Danish and English reviews. I read in both languages and some books are only available in either Danish or English 🙂


Allen, Ralph; “The Best Burlesque Sketches” (Burlesque)

Artaud, Antonin; “The Theatre and its Double” (coming soon, Theatre manifesto)


Brook, Peter; “The Open Door” (Theatre/Acting)


Krebs, Kitter; “Dramaturgi” (Dramaturgy, Anmeldereksemplar, DK)

Krebs, Kitter; “Komedier og Dødssynder” (Shakespeare, Anmeldereksemplar, DK)


Sapphira, (Priscilla Silcock née Tonkin); “Burlesque or Bust” (Autobiography/Burlesque, Review Copy)

Shakespeare, William; “The Comedy of Errors” (Play/Script)

Storm Wesche, Anne-Sophie; “Kirsten Walther – 2 roller ét liv” (DK, Autobiography)


Thorne, Jack & Tiffany, John (+ J.K.Rowling); “Harry Potter & the cursed child” (Play/Script)


Warren, Jason; “Creating Worlds – how to make immersive theatre” (Performing Arts)


Tell me what you think! :D