What is MadebyPernille?

MadebyPernille is a blog with a few different perspectives, as well as a business page, where I offer lectures and workshops, based on my formal training, experience and interests.

You will find that the blog mostly contains story and book-related posts.

So what can I expect to find here?

You can expect the following

  • Blog
    • Bookreviews, my thoughts on bookstragram, book subscription boxes, reading challenges etc. – Basically all things bookish
  • Business
    • Lectures & workshops on theatre, burlesque, feminism, reading etc. It’s all subject to availability and might change over time.
    • Assistance & consultation for storytelling of all kinds. Available to provide dramaturgical advice on anything from a written novel to performing arts and filmprojects.

..And who is Pernille?

Summer 2010. Carroll Avenue, LA, California.
  • Live in Denmark
  • 25 Years old
  • Love books and adventures
  • Master’s degree in Arts – Dramaturgy & Business Economics
  • CEO of CABARESQUE – a Performing Arts Organization, primarily producing burlesque shows
  • I like unicorns and glitter
  • I teach drama at a language school for teenagers in Stamford, UK, every summer.
  • Currently working as a Producer/Assistant Director within the professional performing arts
  • I have a younger sister who is a published author (You can find her page here)
  • …And here is a link to my LinkedIn Profile.