Reading the world

Reading the world

Welcome! I am reading the world, please join me on my journey!

This is the page where I track all the books I’ve read as part of the reading challenge “Read the world”. The aim is to read one book from each country in the world, and when I found the list, that counted 196 different areas/countries. I might expand the challenge once I hit the official number, as the world has a tendency to change.

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, please read this post, where I explain what reading the world means and how I found it.

Here are the countries, states and areas sorted by country. This is where you’ll find a direct link to my bookreviews of the books I read for the challenge. I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe even start your own reading the world tour!

The list of books I’ve read so far

Afghanistan: “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini

Czech Republic: “The Joke” by Milan Kundera

Denmark: “The Children of Crow Cove” by Bodil Bredsdorff

France: The reader on the 6.27” by Jean Paul Didier-Laurent

Japan: “Hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world” by Haruki Murakami

Nigeria: “The age of magic” by Ben Okri

Poland: “The Last wish” by Andrzej Sapkowskij

South Korea: “The dog who dared to dream” by Sun-mi Hwang

Sweden: “Niels Holgersens forunderlige rejse gennem Sverige” by Selma Lagerlöf

Thailand: “Many Lives” by Kukrit Pramoj

The United States of America (Wisconsin): “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder