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Book review: There Are Girls Like Lions

Book review of There Are Girls Like Lions from Chronicle Books, with a foreword by Cole Swensen. A collection of poems about being a woman, by several authors.

Book review of There Are Girls Like Lions


Borrowed from the back of the book:

“For mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, partners and friends, here are 28 stirring poems about the experience of being a woman. Rousing and empowering, with striking illustrations, There Are Girls Like Lions is a celebration of womanhood in all its dimensions, including love, friendship, motherhood, work, aging, and much more.”


As mentioned elsewhere on the blog, I don’t often read poetry. But this book looked cute and adorable and like a good introduction to some of the greatest female poets.

It’s inclusive and the illustrations are just as intersectional as the poetry itself, covering a wide range of women and experiences of being female. I loved every single poem and I liked the illustrations that were central throughout the book. Honestly I don’t have much else to say. It did bring me a feeling of not being alone as a woman and being able to find strength in what makes me feel like a woman in my own right. In that sense, it was quite an empowering read.

The book is gorgeous, a quick read (if you want it to be) and it’s so spot-on, even though women are different from each other.

I was impressed and will definitely treasure it on my bookshelves.

Have you read There Are Girls Like Lions? Do you have a favorite poet?

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