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January Writing Prompt Challenge 2020

January Writing Prompt Challenge 2020 is here!

January Writing Prompt Challenge time! The New Year is just around the corner. Have you thought about getting more serious with your writing? Maybe you promised yourself that you would write a little something every day in 2020? Well, I’m here to kickstart that goal for you!

Some of my first monthly writing prompt challenges like this summer challenge and the halloween themed challenge for october were so popular that I knew I had to keep creating. I even found people creating amazing stories on Tumblr, based on my prompts! So get ready for your New Year’s resolution of writing every day, with this 31 day writing prompt challenge for January 2020!

I actually also have this super cute e-book with 365+ creative writing prompts, if you’re looking for more! Find it in my shop.

1. Fireworks 2. They met by the love bench in the park 3. 5 days of snow 4. A winter wonderland labyrinth 5. It all happened during the 2-hour walk 6. The mountains dissappeared overnight 7. You are the only one who remembers last year 8. New Year's resolutions  9. Unexpected meeting 10. The upstairs neighbour 11. The one-bedroom apartment 12. The lights were always on 13. She finally knew what 'Hygge' meant 14. A Scandinavian hiking trip 15. The mysterious bracelet 16. They had no idea what they would find under the ice 17. A tree trimmer's nightmare 18. The quest of a snowfox 19. Describe your breakfast as poetry 20. The Backpacker conference of 1987 21. Four friends at the coffee shop 22. A quiet afternoon in the cabin 23. Finally, the blanket was finished 24. "Why are your christmas lights still up?" 25. Write a haiku on snow 26. The mittens would always go to the child who needed them the most. Now they're yours. 27. Frozen waterballoons 28. Write about a character that's unlike characters you usually write about 29. The fridge was empty 30. A boom that changed the world 31. The village in the valley

If you are excited about this challenge but haven’t used writing prompts before, you can read more about how to work with writing prompts here>> (For the Danish version please see here>>)

I can’t wait to read your stories, so please feel free to share what you create!

Which of these prompts is your absolute favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are looking for even more writing prompts and challenges, why not check out my writing collection right here>>. If that just isn’t enough, you can also have a look a my Pinterest board with writing prompts!

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    • Pernille

      Hi KJ
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for using my prompts! I’m so happy that they are helpful even if they seem a bit tricky at first 😉 Have you found my other writing prompts and excersises too?
      Thank you for sharing the little story of the snowfox, it actually made me giggle a little bit. I’ll have to read more of your stories!

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