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Gift ideas for writers

It’s almost holiday season and trying to shop for my sister (a published writer and illustrator), got me thinking about all these amazing, fun and creative gift ideas for writers. Whether it’s for a bithday, a reception, holiday or other event, I thought I’d share some of my favorite gift ideas right here!

I hope this list will inspire you, if you’re a writer looking for things to put on your wishlist or if you, like me, have a writer in your life, that you want to spoil a little.

Some of these will probably be great for NaNoWriMo enthusiasts too!

(Ps.: If you’re a writer, make sure to check out my free writing prompts, exercises and resources for writers right here!)

Check out these fun gift ideas for writers!

These colourful pencils with writing quotes and motivational words would be great for someone who loves to write by hand. A t-shirt might be a great option too, as you can get a lot of awesome prints like this “Eat, Sleep, Write a book”. Perfect for a work-from-home author!

I’m also a sucker for posters, and my home is a venue for everchanging posterwalls. So maybe the poster with different kinds of typewriters for different kinds of writers might be a good choice for my sister too? If not, I might just buy it for myself, haha!

365 creative writing prompts ebook presentation mockup

E-book with 365+ creative writing prompts

I actually also have this super cute e-book with 365+ creative writing prompts, if you’re looking for inspiration. It's instantly downloadable, and you can send it directly to your writer-friend!

Okay, let’s get one thing clear here – I love shopping on Etsy! There are so many cute, creative and fun things that you can buy directly off the creators. The best part is that you will most likely be bringing one of the most unique gifts for your writer friend.

Some of the items can be personalized too, which I have a soft spot for! I mean, who doesn’t love having their name on things?

I’ve created a list of some of my favorite Etsy items for writers, right here>> 

I mean, these wordcount planner stickers are great for writers who love to bullet journal and for NaNoWriMo!

Shopping online saves so much time!

It’s November and I am almost done with my holiday shopping. No pressure, but buying things online saves me so much time, hassle and money! I have time to browse around in different shops, from the comfort of my couch. Which is just as good, considering the current pandemic still influencing everyday life. 

But this way, I can quickly search for the item I want, find the best one at the cheapest available price, and place my order. Most things are sent to PO boxes or directly to my home. It’s perfect for a planning nerd like me! The only thing is, that it means I have to place my orders early in the holiday season, to make sure I get everything in time. 

One of the more fun and useful writer related gifts I’ve been considering for my sister, is this pencil holder. It’s just so creative and really sets the mood for her to sit down and write! Also, we both love the vintage aesthetic of a classic typewriter.

This would probably fit in well with a “Dark Academia Aesthetic” too!

I feel like mugs are always a great choice for gifts? I mean, you find something the person likes, put it on a mug and they can use it every day! Definitely both a practical and a fun gift for your writer friend/person. This one perhaps specifically to celebrate if they just published a book! 

In these times, it’s so important to celebrate every single win, and let others know that we’re thinking about them and celebrating them too.

Celebrate your writer friends!

I could really go on, but these are a few of my favorite ideas for a gift for a writer. If you want to support your writer friend, but don’t really read, this is also a great way of showing them your support. Even if you can’t bring it to them in person, you can have the gift sent to them directly when shopping – which a few of my friends did for me on my latest birthday! 

Are you a writer or do you have any awesome ideas for gifts that should be on this list?

Let me know in the comments below, as I’m always looking for fresh ideas on things for my sister! And have fun shopping for all the writers in your life! I know they’d be happy even just with a pencil and a handwritten card, supporting their dream!

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