• Book review Burlesque or bust by Sapphira
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    Book review: Burlesque or Bust

    Burlesque or Bust by Sapphira I received a review copy of Burlesque or Bust in exchange for an honest review. As I stumbled upon Sapphira’s post in a group about her new book, Burlesque or Bust, about her personal journey with tackling mental health through burlesque, I was immediately intrigued. Having been in the burlesque scene for a couple of years so far, (the first year didn’t really count), I am aware that a lot of artists in the glittery environment, have their struggles. Both physically, financially and mentally. There is no shame in that, as I see it. So I welcomed her book and offered to read and review…

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    Artist Residency – what is it?

    Artist Residencies – a valuable opportunity As an artist, there are endless possibilities when it comes to courses, workshops, coaching and educational options. All of them are ways to improve. One of the maybe lesser known options are ”Artist Residencies”. (If you’re already familiar with the residency phenomenon, you might want to skip this blogpost. It’s mostly for those of you who don’t already know about residencies as an opportunity.) Read this blogpost in Danish here>> What is it? “Artist Residencies” is an offer of staying somewhere, where you can focus on your creative work, get feedback, you can network or find inspiration for new work. Sometimes, you’ll need to…

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    Bookreview: The Chimes

    “The Chimes” by Anna Smaill, is a futuristic sci-fi/fantasy novel, about Simon, a boy living in a world where memories are just a concept, music rules the world and everyone should stick to what they know. The cover art is beautiful and the preview on the back really sold me the book. Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi Summary: Simon is on a journey to London, and all he has with him, is a bag full of memories and a tune to help him find what he is searching for. He ends up joining a pact in the London underground, living with Lucien and the others and together, they form the group of the…