Reading plans May 2020
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Reading plans for May 2020

Reading plans for May

Welcome to my reading plans for May 2020! So, as I have started to get more into readathons, reading challenges and events recently, I though I’d try something new on the blog. Which is a (maybe monthly?) blogpost with my reading plans for the upcoming month!

If you want, you can join me and the rest of the book-community in these events, and read along with me/us. Or you can simply have a look at my reading plans and see which books I plan on reviewing for the blog for the next few weeks.

TBR plans for May

If you aren’t familiar with it, TBR stands for “To Be Read”, and includes basically every single book ever, that I have yet to read. Or, more specifically, the unread books I have on my shelves or the books I’m planning to read for a certain challenge, readathon or event. So this TBR is my reading plans for May 2020.

My TBR for May 2020, will be ambitious as I have a lot of books to catch up on and at the same time, I want to participate in a few readathons I’ve found. (I created a new youtube channel just to I could watch #booktube videos). However, I might be unable to fully complete any of the readathons or my challenges, due to the fact that I’m restricting myself to only using books I already have. And preferably ones I haven’t read yet.

Reading plans May 2020


Asian Readathon

The first readathon that I’m finding books for is Read with Cindys Asian Readathon. Honestly, don’t have a lot of unread Asian litterature on my shelves at the moment. But luckily, Cindy is being very inclusive so everyone can participate with what they already have.

For this readathon I am planning to read:

  • A few of the plays in my “Nó plays of Japan” collection book
  • “Kafka on the shore” by Haruki Murakami
  • “Men without women” by Haruki Murakami

I do realise that this “list” of Asian litterature is by no means adequate in terms of diversity. But as I can’t really access new books unless I buy them, and I’m not in the mood for e-books, these will have to do. Also, I didn’t choose books I own and have already read. If you want to see other books I’ve read, that would fit this readathon, feel free to have a look at my reading the world list or my collection of book reviews right here.


The next readathon is from Hollyheartsbooks and is a Medieval themed readathon. Here, the rules are a bit more rigid but still flexible and fun enough for me to give it a shot. There are several reading prompts to choose from, and my plan is to get through these (maybe more?);

  • “A natural history of dragons” by Marie Brennan
  • “The unpredictable consequences of Love” by Jill Marsell
  • “Lift the flap – Engineering” from Hall & Cosgrove

I might read more than these, since the Medievalathon includes a medieval themed ranking system, where you become more and more noble, the more books you read. But 3 books for this one should be doable, on top of everything else.

Reading plans May 2020

Reading challenges

If you want you can always see my progress on my reading challenges right here. As I am currently a few weeks behind on my reading a play a week challenge, May comes in handy with the Asian Readathon. Hopefully, I can catch up a bit, by reading some (fairly short) Nó plays. Hopefully, I’ll manage to finally get around to reading Henry V by Shakespeare too. Don’t get your hopes up though.

I am working from home these days, due to this unfortunate global pandemic, which means that I haven’t got all day to just sit and read. Even though that would be great.

In any case, I am hopeful and think it’s fairly manageable to read these 6+ books during May. Perhaps I’ll even be able to knock off some of the books I need to read for other reading challenges?

Look out for my upcoming book reviews and check back in later to see my wrap-up of how my reading plans for May 2020 actually went!

What are you planning to read next? Feel free to leave a comment below and give a recommendation!

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