6 Burlesque Books

Here is my little book haul of 6 burlesque centered books! Read along for information and reviews - for burlesque performers, producers, audiences and booklovers alike!


Bookreview: “The Best Burlesque Sketches”

As you might know, one of my passions is Burlesque as performing arts (I run Cabaresque as a part time adventure on top of my dayjob). I found myself without any actual, proper knowledge of the subject, other than having watched the movie with Cher and Christina. I figured I would need to expand my awareness … Fortsæt læsning Bookreview: “The Best Burlesque Sketches”

Bookreview: Creating Worlds by Jason Warren

Creating Worlds: How to Make Immersive Theatre (Making Theatre) by Jason Warren Genre: Non-fiction; Theatre & Performing Arts For everyone wanting to get into making immersive performance art and not ‘just’ theatre, this is a book that will guide you through Warren's own experiences, categorized by different ways of making immersive art and different aims … Fortsæt læsning Bookreview: Creating Worlds by Jason Warren