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Let's talk about performing arts! I often read books on a variety of subjects within the performing arts. I also write articles on how to produce theatre shows and how to up your game as a performer, producer or stagemanager. Made by Pernille Blog

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    Bookreview: Creating Worlds by Jason Warren

    Creating Worlds: How to Make Immersive Theatre (Making Theatre) by Jason Warren Genre: Non-fiction; Theatre & Performing Arts For everyone wanting to get into making immersive performance art and not ‘just’ theatre, this is a book that will guide you through Warren’s own experiences, categorized by different ways of making immersive art and different aims for outcomes. Warren introduces the book by telling the reader that it is not a rulebook or necessarily a “how-to” book, but rather provides insight into several different processes and aspects of planning and executing immersive performances. Warren tells us about failures and aha-moments, what worked and what crashed. This is what really sets this…