Bookreview: “Remember me?”

“Remember me?” is a book by Sophie Kinsella, the bestselling author of the Rememberme_SophieKinsella_Bookcover‘Shopaholic’ books. I came across it while in a thriftshop, and subsequently bought it, since I have heard good things about Kinsellas work.

Genre: Chick-lit


Lexi Smart is a typical, down to earth girl with friends that are slightly hotter, slightly more successful and slightly more glamourous and outgoing than herself. One night, the day before her fathers funeral, she hits her head, while out with her friends and when she wakes up, she is in the middle of a modern fairytale life. She suddenly has a good looking sweetheart of a husband, the top job and new, glamourous friends. She recalls nothing from the past three years and soon, the world around her starts to fall into place.


This book is very chick-lit. It could be the perfect example for kids learning about chick-lit. I thought so whilst reading it, how good a rom-com it would be, when made for the movies. It’s a well written, well told story, although the story itself seems to be following the chick-lit curve quite exhaustingly.

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It is not entirely like this graphic of course, but you get the idea; Awkward and unfortunate girl presents a situation. Girl then encounters something that would never happen to her, including a man, girl starts to believe it has happened to her, girl meets real world, girl ends up with some guy and everything eventually falls into a sort of happy ending. Quite like the “Home-out-home” plot structure .I must say, when getting into the book, that it was a tad more sophisticated written than I had anticipated. Mind you, chick-lit isn’t normally that high on my reading list.

The story was sort of intriguing, but the most exciting part was how the writer went from A to C – since the B part describes the forgotten three years in Lexis life. This she managed to do, without any cringes on my part, I had expected far worse. All in all I think it was a good, okay piece of literature and I totally get why it would be a bestseller. It is exactly like when I want to watch “The Holiday”, “Mean Girls” or “50 first dates” or basically any movie with Jennifer Aniston or Queen Latifah as the main character.


It’s chick-lit all the way, and is that kind of book where, when I read it, I enjoy it and it gives me a good reading experience, for the time being. But apart from that, it doesn’t really stay with me, as other books might.

I enjoyed it, it was an easy read and I instantly fell into the universe created – so if you enjoy chick-lit from time to time, this is certainly worth a read. Although, if you are looking for something you haven’t read before, this is probably not for you, as the book doesn’t quite bring anything fresh to the perspective of chick-lit with amnesia as the main plot driver.


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