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Birthday Writing Prompt Challenge 2018

It’s no secret that I like birthdays. Both my own and other peoples’ birthdays and I love celebrating the little things in life too.

And as my birthday is just around the corner, I thought I would celebrate on the blog by sharing some writing prompts for you lovely writers out there! (You can use it for drawing inspiration too if you wish!)

Here is my Birthday Writing Prompt Challenge 2018 !

You can either do it now, save it for later or even save it until it’s your own birthday week!

I actually also have this super cute e-book with 365+ creative writing prompts, if you’re looking for more! Find it in my shop.


I hope you’ll find it fun and perhaps even share the stories with me, that are based on these writing prompts! If you’re not quite sure how to use writing prompts, check out my blog post on “writing prompts and how to use them” here >>

If you’ve done this one already, then why not check out my collection of writing prompts and challenges here >> (link coming soon) or have a look at my Pinterest Board full of writing prompts? 

Happy birthday week!


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