• Book review Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell
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    Book review: Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell

    Book review of Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell is a middlegrade fantasy book. Jennifer Bell is also the author behind The Uncommoners which I loved. So I had to give Wonderscape a shot too. The cover is beautiful and the description on the back had me intrigued. Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell “The game is on, travel with wonder. When Arhtur, Ren and Cecily investigate a mysterious explosion, they find themselves trapped in the year 2473. Lost in the Wonderscape, an epic in-reality adventure game, they must call on the help of some unlikely historical heroes to play their way home before time runs out.” This description is…

  • Book review a place called perfect helena duggan
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    Book review: A Place Called Perfect

    Book review of A Place Called Perfect This is my book review of A Place called Perfect by Helena Duggan. I picked up the book because the cover reminded me of The Uncommoners by Jennifer Bell, and I liked that series. Even though this book is for children/tweens, I wanted to read it because it looked fun and interesting. Find it right here on Amazon * A Place called Perfect “Violet never wanted to move to Perfect. Who wants to live in a town where everyone has to wear glasses to stop them going blind? And who wants to be neat and tidy and perfectly behaved all the time? Violet quickly…

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    Book review: The 1000 Year Old Boy

    This is my book review of The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford. Book review of The 1000 Year Old Boy Summary Text from the blurp on the back of the book: “There are lots of stories about people who want to live forever. This is not one of those stories. This is a story about someone who wants to stop… Alfie Monk is like any other nearly teenage boy – except he’s a thousand years old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England. So when everything Alfie knows and loves is destroyed in a fire, and the modern world comes crashing in, Alfie embarks on a…

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    Bookreview: The Smoking Hourglass

    Here is my book review of “The Smoking Hourglass” by Jennifer Bell. “The Smoking Hourglass” is the second book in ‘The Uncommoners’ series, following “The Crooked Sixpence”. Read my review of the first book here>> “As soon as Ivy and her brother Seb set foot back in the mysterious underground city of Lundinor, they know that something has changed […] something dark is stirring just below the surface, and uncommon traders are uneasy. Ivy and Seb have stumbled into a plot that could condemn every uncommoner to a disastrous fate […] can Ivy and Seb put a stop to the sinister Dirge’s plans?” (Blurp borrowed from Penguin books) Review of…

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    Bookreview: “The Uncommoners – The Crooked Sixpence”

    “The Crooked Sixpence” is the first of three books in the series about The Uncommoners by Jennifer Bell. The story is aimed at tweens and brings us to the world of common things with uncommon abilities. Here is my bookreview of “The Crooked Sixpence” Summary: We follow Ivy Sparrow and her older brother Seb when they discover a secret world right under their noses. When their grandmother Sylvie is admitted to the hospital, they siblings are thrown into dangerous events. Suddenly they find themselves caught up in a big mystery and they set out to explore. A family secret, weird policemen with toiletbrush weapons and a huge underground market called…