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    Book review: There Are Girls Like Lions

    Book review of There Are Girls Like Lions from Chronicle Books, with a foreword by Cole Swensen. A collection of poems about being a woman, by several authors. Book review of There Are Girls Like Lions Description Borrowed from the back of the book: “For mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, partners and friends, here are 28 stirring poems about the experience of being a woman. Rousing and empowering, with striking illustrations, There Are Girls Like Lions is a celebration of womanhood in all its dimensions, including love, friendship, motherhood, work, aging, and much more.” Verdict As mentioned elsewhere on the blog, I don’t often read poetry. But this book looked cute…

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    Book review: And Still I Rise

    Book review of And Still I Rise Here is my book review of “And Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou which is a collection of poems. “And Still I Rise” is Angelou’s third volume of poetry and she’s also the author behind “I know why the caged bird sings”. Summary And Still I Rise is a collection of poems, divided in three parts. Some of Angelou’s most famous and wellknown poems like Phenomenal Women and Still I Rise are included herein. The poems reflect Angelou’s life and touches subjects such as love, womanhood, racism, blackness and in general just being human. For a full reference on the poems included, have…