The wishlist & calendar

My wishlist and calendar

I always seem to struggle with choosing which books to buy and which ones to ‘let go’ as I naturally can’t afford all of them (I don’t have room for all the books I want either!). I also struggle to prioritize which shows to attend (theatre, burlesque, opera, you name it) – and I figured I needed a place to keep track of all these things.

I have compiled this list of things I’d like to review at some point, not including what’s already on my shelves, (as well as events I’m attending), and any suggestions for more along the same lines, would be much appreciated! 

So if you know of any books, events, shows or tools that I should attend/get my hands on – please get in touch with me or leave a comment! 🙂

Books I’d like to read:

  • Fiction:
    • The Railway Children (series)
  •  Dance:
    • Choreographing Problems: Expressive Concepts in Contemporary Dance & Performance
    • Dramaturgy in motion: at work on dance and movement performance
    • The routledge dance studies reader
  • Producing 
    • Dance production: design & technology
    • The Stage managers toolkit by Laurie Kincman

Events I’ll be attending:

  • Book-related:
    • September 2018, Esbjerg Fantasy Festival